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Did you know that the correct name for a quad is an ATV – all terrain vehicle. The ATV was developed by the American Military to do exactly that – to go where no other vehicle has gone before. The idea of a high speed performance quad only developed later. We at EcoQuad use quads for its original purpose i.e. to access terrain and areas rarely travelled.

We make use of the Suzuki LTF160cc semi-automatic on our trails. This gutsy little vehicle has the suspension needed to cope with the terrain, combined with manoeuvrability and stability. Anything bigger would be difficult to control, anything smaller will not make it! We do quite a bit of training before the time, so don't let the gear changes scare you.

This bike is the best that we have used on our trails to date and you will agree with me after the ride – perfectly suited for the job at hand. It is the top selling utility quad in South Africa for good reason! helps you with Tickets in BILOXI ,MS for Lonestar, Kellie Pickler, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Sinbad at Tickets BILOXI Mississippi in Beau Rivage Theatre,and Hard Rock Live.

EcoQuad - quadbiking
Helmets, protective glasses and gloves. That is all the safety gear that you will need on the trails. We provide it and you wear it. We then do a detailed run down on the controls of the vehicles before starting with our basic training session. The idea is to make sure that you have good enough control of the vehicle to take on the trail.

The interesting fact is that the ability of the riders before and after the trail is worlds apart. If you still feel uncomfortable on the vehicle after the training session it would be your choice as to whether you would like to continue with the trail or not. Our trail guides may however request that you reconsider if they feel that you would put yourself at unreasonable risk.

The trail guide's call is final and we would rather not do the trail (if the other participants would so choose) and give you back your money as there is no price high enough for your safety.

Trail Control
This forms a very important part of the safety aspect of the trail. Because the trails are challenging it is important to listen to the trail guide. We also have a set of trail rules aimed at ensuring your safety and minimizing environmental impact. Stick to the rules and have a fun, but safe, ride!

No more boring, dusty trails. When you come out on an EcoQuad trail prepare yourself for a safe but challenging ride with some of the most awesome views in the Western Cape. Our trails have been developed with the All Terrain in "All Terrain Vehicle" (the real name for a quad) in mind. Our speciality is challenging off road riding. Continued assistance and guidance from your trail guide will ensure that you have a safe and fun experience. Challenging terrain forces you to think and you gain new skills on our trails that would make most other trails in the province a (yawn) walk in the park!

» Robert Stanford Wine Estate One Hour trail.
The trail is on the historical Robert Stanford Wine Estate just outside Stanford. We start the trail with a short section along the vineyards before entering thick bush. Looking at the bush from the outside it almost seems impossible that you can drive through it.

The trail is just wide enough for a quad and at some spots you have to push the growth away to see where you are going. Getting to the other side is almost a relief and looking back you will be pleasantly surprised at your ability to navigate through dense bush like this. A short section in a more open area allows for a bit of a breather before entering the bush again. At the end of the bush path there is a short but steep drop.

We take this one-by-one with close assistance from your trail guide. The next challenging area is waiting. A steep climb to the top of a dam wall followed by a 45 degree drop and - wow! - you made it (again). No time to relax yet because we navigate our way to the other side of the dam before heading up to the Bluegum bush. As we enter the bush we head up a water way ( dry in summer). For most of this section you will be riding at a sideways angel.

The trail guide will teach you the ever important skill of counter balancing before entering the water way. In some places the gradient is tough and you need to concentrate on your throttle control combined with counter balancing to prevent the bike from falling over. Exciting from the Bluegum bush we start heading up alongside the vineyards to the top section of the estate. From here you have the most incredible view of Stanford and the surrounding area. The roads alongside the vineyards are not flat so keep up the concentration as you wind your way down to the starting point. This is a brand new trail and the response to it has been very positive.

ZAR290 per person.

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» Robert Stanford Wine Estate Two Hour trail.
Building on the one hour trail we head off to the neighbouring farm. "Bush Paths" are the operative words. Prepare yourself for ever changing terrain. You have done most of the "training" on the first section of the trail (1 hour trail) to effectively navigate through the variations in terrain offered on the 2 hour trail. Again we stay off road.

The trails wind through thick bush, sandy paths and up the side of a mountain slope. This trail is amazing as not one section is the same as the next. Combine this with beautiful fynbos and stunning views and you have a winner. A fun trail but a little bit challenging. If you did well on the first section this one will be an absolute pleasure.

ZAR390 per person.

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