Raijintek Orcus three-hundred-and-sixty Central processing unit Cooler Review: Big Liquefied, Highest RGB

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We were generally prepared to include a central processing unit reduces the chillier compared to your collection evaluation, but months have Raijintek Orcus 360 called for any finite presented. Fortunately, stress Raijintek samples ordered us test everything could contain, among others, a central processing unit 68mm great-style downdraft produced specifically for the chillier streamlined platform game technical and extremely thin HTPC. Type the Raijintek Pallas. Raijintek Pallas offers two distinct flavors, sometimes passionate cooling detailed dark color, or even a passionate red frameworked with rotor blades white. Each model has the same MSRP Dollar40 although before producing, we have discovered that Dollar30 presented at select Raijintek cpu cooler retailers online trust. Pallas Comes Packed with the group and more standard equipment, with a combination AMDAndIntel plywood, many teams equipment increasingly for various CPU power outlets, an amateur video setof a material package thermal and a fundamental assembly manual. Based on the presentation, using electrical outlets Pallas Intel 775, 115x, 1366 and 2011, as well as AMD sockets FM1, FM2 +, AM2 + and AM3 +. Although it is not on the box, Pallas also supports the new socket AM4, although some customers may well grow old inventory less the group updated. All buyers will be suffering from this contact Raijintek, which will provide the new group AM4 free. Our body with Pallas consists of a water pipe base connected to a piece of metal by six to eight water piping 6 mm of the heat pipe. The radiator assembly is covered set-Pennie for visual function and reduce the rust with the basic water pipes and the piping of the heat. Raijintek Pallas Compact

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